Women's Crew Socks

The perfect companion for your trainers. Muki’s crew socks hug your feet in all the right places while providing the ideal amount of cushioning for your high-impact sessions. Designed to move with you, these socks mould to the feet and never ride down. Most importantly, we’ve designed a pair of socks that will complete any look—athletic or casual—all while performing optimally. When you work out, you need gear that supports you while you chase your goals. Whether it’s supportive shoes, weight belts or seamless athletic wear, the best gym attire for you is that which never holds you back. Your athletic wear doesn’t just need to look good, it should perform well too. And, your feet deserve the same, which is why you should never overlook the importance of proper athletic socks. Athletic socks are crafted with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that’s designed to be comfortable and functional. 

A superior gym sock perfectly blends comfort and durability for your most gruelling sweat seshes—without ever being a distraction. Socks that fall down, bunch up in your shoes or restrict your feet in any way deserve a toss. Treat yourself to crew socks that flow with your every move. Crafted with fitness enthusiasts in mind, Muki’s crew socks give you the power to nail your routines, hit those PRs and celebrate your progress. A cotton, polyester and spandex blend ensures optimal breathability, support and stretch. Our women’s crew socks balance form and function beautifully by being a stylish staple for any workout ensemble. Available in a variety of neutral colours, these socks are true to our brand’s vision for fashionable yet functional athletic wear. Easily pair our crew socks with your favourite gym shoes and a Muki athletic set. With our attention to detail, function and style, you’ll be perfectly supported from head to toe.