Women's Activewear Australia

Muki is your source of premium women’s activewear and sportswear. Crafted from high-quality materials and designed with the modern fitness enthusiast in mind, our women’s activewear range is bound to elevate any athletic wardrobe. Every fabric we choose is soft to the touch while offering unbeatable durability so you can love your Muki styles for years to come. Neutral colour palettes ensure each piece can withstand the changing style seasons while a focus on figure-enhancing fits help you show off what you work hard for. From sleek and seamless matching sets to oversized sweatshirts and tees, we have something for every style and every occasion. Hit the outdoor gym mid-summer with a matching crop top and shorts set or be winter-ready with a seamless long sleeve, leggings and crew socks. When you find a piece you like, you’ll want one in every colour. When it comes to our women’s activewear, we also keep the planet in mind. Each Muki product is consciously designed for sustainability and longevity.

From the moment you get your package, you’ll notice our eco-friendly focus finds its way into everything we do. Our packaging is entirely compostable, meaning you can toss your zero-waste packet in your home’s bin. What’s more, we implement environmentally friendly practices throughout the production process, reducing energy usage and minimizing material waste. In addition to our sustainability commitment, we also pledge to ensure ethical working conditions for our manufacturers. With overtime rates and world-leading third-party inspections, we make sure our workers are looked after. Blending form, function and style beautifully, Muki Activewear aims to deliver top-rated women’s activewear in Australia that’s manufactured ethically and sustainably. Even our designs are meant to last with timeless styles and colours that you’ll be happy to hold on to. Get ready to look and feel amazing for your next gym session with Muki.