Established in Brisbane in 2020, MUKI is an activewear brand that mindfully fuses functional sports attire with modern, minimalist fashion. It is our mission to create pieces that will not only meet the needs of women today, but last for seasons to come.

For every garment we produce, we aspire to perfect three essentials: fit, style and quality. Designed for a life of movement, our products embody impeccable construction and thoughtful design details. We use buttery soft, air-brushed fabrics in place of stifling lycra blends so our wearers can feel as good as they look. Our fabrics are also high-end and durable which benefits both our customers and the planet as a whole.

At MUKI, we will always strive to pursue our dreams while empowering you to do the same. For us, that means creating modern, versatile athleisure pieces that look great in and out of the studio. For you, that means looking incredible while nailing your goals.