Compostable Packaging

All of our online orders are packaged in compostable mailers. These zero-waste packets are functional and durable all while combatting our environment’s ever-growing plastic problem. Made from plant-based materials, they can be composted right at home!

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Reducing Material Waste

Our commitment to sustainability can be seen in every manufacturing decision we make. For example, our current seamless range is entirely machine knitted. The result is that the final garment has fewer seams and produces less waste, making it a much more environmentally-friendly practice.

Ethical Working Conditions

Our manufacturers have been verified for safety onsite by world-leading inspection company TÜV Rheinland. All workers work five days a week and get overtime rates if they wish to work on Saturday. Our main factory is also one of the Walt Disney approved factories, which are committed to fostering safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces wherever Disney-branded products are manufactured.