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Resistance Bands & Booty Bands

Did you know that when you use a resistance band you’re getting a better workout? That’s right. Resistance bands improve the quality of your exercises, activating more muscles and contracting them for longer, increasing the time under tension to force your muscles to work harder. What’s more – they’re portable and lightweight, so there’s no excuses to skip out on a workout when you’re travelling or don’t have access to a gym, if you have one of these in your bag. Unlike other sports equipment, Muki booty bands don’t take a lot of space and are easy to carry around. They are a great way to tone your entire body at home or in the gym. Resistance bands are also known as booty bands for a reason – they are an essential part of your booty workout routine helping to target your stubborn glute muscles to help you build a toned, enviable peach.

Muki resistance bands can be used to target multiple areas such as your quads, booty, shoulders, hamstrings and for core strengthening. If you want lean legs with sculpted muscle – our resistance bands are essential for your workout program! Regardless of whether you’re a total fitness newbie or a seasoned pro – resistance bands are suitable for all experience and fitness levels. Just like free weights, our resistance band sets come in a range of resistance levels to suit all strength capacities, goals and preferences, and to allow you to implement progressive overload without even touching a weight! Use our bands for the ultimate resistance band workout. You can also have your resistance bands in a variety of different colours. Our bands are durable and fashionable – we’ve got the best resistance bands in Australia, it’s time for you to try them out!